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Sensory 3" Assorted Balls (set of 4)

Type: Ball
Four textured tactile balls in bright colors and shapes that are fun to hold, rub and squeeze. These soft sensory balls are great for toddlers to hold, throw, catch and squeeze! They bounce off everything and are a great way to develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and learn games at a young age. Kids of different ages can play together with these squishy safe toy balls.

- Squishy and soft, this toy is safe for kids.
- It has a fuzzy tactile surface that feels great to the touch.
- Simple designs promote imaginative play and encourage kids to grasp, push, and move!
- Made from natural rubber foam, this toy uses sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Ages: 1+ (Safe for use)

Dimensions: Each Ball 3" in Diameter

Contents: Bumpy ball, crater ball, torpedo ball, naval mine ball.