Welcome to Rubbabu Toys

Fair Trade Factory

Rubbabu toys are made at Iseo Chemdis Pvt. Ltd. in Gurgaon, India. Iseo is owned and run by Rahul Butalia, the founder of Rubbabu and has been ICTI-certified as an ethical manufacturer.

Iseo is owned and run by Rahul Butalia, the founder of Rubbabu toys. Iseo employs about a hundred men and women, every one of them a full-time employee who receives all their benefits including health insurance and employer contributions to their retirement accounts. 

We provide a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees taking into account ergonomics and safety. Rahul does whatever he can to make the lives of our employees easier - like providing a low-cost healthy lunch and paying for emergency medical bills. He hopes one day to be able to provide good living quarters for all his employees and ensure their children are getting a good education.

At Iseo, everyone is treated with respect and every person takes pride in their job and knows how important their part is in ensuring the quality Rubbabu stands for. We brainstorm together, with our shop floor workers and supervisors giving our managers excellent suggestions to improve our process. We celebrate holidays and festivals together. Through good times and hard times, we support each other and work together to build a better future for our families.