Our family is obsessed with Rubbabu toys! As I write this, I can see about 10 Rubbabu's scattered around our living room. The large dinosaur was given to us as a birthday gift and we have been on the hunt for Rubbabu's ever since. We have even bought two toy stores out of all of their inventory. The toys are so colourful, engaging, on wheels and soundless! They fly across the room at lightening speed and hilariously bounce into everything around them.  Did I mention they don't even make a noise?? My son's absolute favourite it is the small dinosaur and it goes everywhere with him. We just ordered four more mini green Dino's to ensure we always have one with us wherever we are; in the car, on the airplane, in the stroller, etc. We have given a Rubbabu to every child we know, and everyone has been thrilled. Thank you for making this awesome product, I know our family will enjoy these toys for many, many years to come!!

Danielle Tomczyk, Vancouver