Eco-friendly sensory toys for babies, children and special needs.



Toys that support and advance your child's development.

From 3 months onwards, play is learning - from sensory exploration and hand-eye coordination to imaginative play and spatial reasoning.

What our customers are saying

Our family is obsessed with Rubbabu toys! As I write this, I can see about 10 Rubbabu's scattered around our living room. My son's absolute favourite it is the small dinosaur and it goes everywhere with him. We just ordered four more mini green Dino's to ensure we always have one with us wherever we are; in the car, on the airplane, in the stroller, etc. Full review here

Danielle Tomczyk, Canada

Our one-year old grandson loves the easy grip train cars. He scoots around, rolling one in each hand across the floor. His two-year old sister likes to roll the cars freely, and his 7-year old sister will probably help color the mat. A great family gift!

Sharon C.

Our daughter likes to stim by rubbing things on her mouth and these are perfect and safe! She loves them & I no longer have to be worry! Highly recommend them for sensory seeking kiddos.

Nichole C.

I purchased this product as a birthday present for a 2-year old girl. However, her older brother (not sure the age) opened it and was having fun passing out "veggies" to people at the party. The product feels amazing, is very unique, and extremely fun. Enjoyable for adults and children. This is honestly my new "go-to" for awesome presents for children! One of my favorite companies!

Cassandra S.

These little vehicles are delightful. They are fast, quiet, soft, colorful and aesthetically pleasing - all ideal for toddlers. My 19 month old loves them, and we've bought a bunch more for friends!

Sarah H.

My daughter loves her Rubbabu toys! We’ve bought several balls, the tic tac toe game, vegetable sorter and many others. ALL of the shapes have been very soft with a terrific squishy firm rebound. They are very high quality. Our entire family uses them as stress devices and none of the soft flocking has rubbed off at all. If your child is tactile and loves beautiful colors in a safe toy, they will love Rubbabu!

Piper C,

A soft squishy material keeps kids safe.

Rubbabu toys are made from 100% pure natural rubber foam.


Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade

Person's hand holds a renewable and biodegradable material, which Rubbabu products are made out of.

Made from RENEWABLE and BIODEGRADABLE natural rubber

We use the most natural, safe and environmentally friendly materials. Also, our toys are hand made using very little power, producing zero effluents, and we recycle all waste rubber. 

The process
Inside view at the Rubbabu warehouse, a fair trade family business that is ICTI-Certified as an ethical manufacturer.

Support a fair trade family business!

We look after each other at Rubbabu. The factory has been ICTI-certified as an ethical manufacturer and the founder and CEO Rahul supports his staff any way he can. 

Social mission

Rubbadu Announces Constructive Playthings as Exclusive Distribution Partner Across North America

Rubbabu Inc. announces that U.S. Toy Co. Inc. / Constructive Playthings will be the official exclusive distributor for Rubbubu products across North America, effective immediately.

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