• Little boy play playing with the Rubbabu ® eco-friendly vehicles for babies, toddlers, and children with special needs on a wooden table.

  • Infographic telling that Rubbabu ® values fair trade by providing a safe working environment, abides by all toy safety guidelines, and is invested in green manufacturing by making toys with natural foam rubber.

A soft squishy material keeps kids safe.

Close-up of the Rubbabu® vehicle assortment on a wooden desktop. Includes giraffe, dinosaur, elephant, and hippo aniwheelies.

Close-up of the Rubbabu® toy tool caddy, showing the hammer, wrench, screwdriver, and the storage caddy.

Toys that support and advance your child's development.

Our Philosophy

Close-up of the Rubbabu® plane assortment, showing red, blue, green, and purple planes on a pretend paper runway.

  • Infographic showing reviews of how much people love Rubbabu® products. The reviews are placed above the image. Below the image is the name of the reviewer.