Welcome to Rubbabu Toys
Close-up of the Rubbabu® vehicle assortment on a wooden desktop. Includes giraffe, dinosaur, elephant, and hippo aniwheelies.

A soft squishy material keeps kids safe.

Rubbabu toys are made from 100% pure natural rubber foam. We follow fair-trade and eco-friendly practices and make toys that meet and exceed federal regulations so you know your child is 100% safe playing with our toys.

Close-up of the Rubbabu® toy tool caddy, showing the hammer, wrench, screwdriver, and the storage caddy.

Toys that support and advance your child's development.

From 3 months onwards, play is learning - from sensory exploration and hand-eye coordination to imaginative play and spatial reasoning. Imaginative play and other essential child development skills are an early indicator of success in STEM or STEAM fields. Rubbabu's soft toys will bring these learning opportunities to infants as young as six months old.

Close-up of the Rubbabu® plane assortment, showing red, blue, green, and purple planes on a pretend paper runway.

Our Philosophy

Rubbabu toys are designed by a fabulous team of designers in India who work with the founder to create the simple, rounded shapes we love. We are guided by the philosophy that children need only very simple toys, and that they know how to learn much better than we know how to teach. So all we need to do is make toys that are fun and safe, and they'll do the rest!