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Special Alphabet Set (with Braille)

Type: Alphabet Set

Winner of the Creative Child, Kid's Product of the Year Award, 2014

A set of 26 alphabet tiles, one each with A-Z embossed on it in both Braille and the English alphabet. Safe birth and up, this is a toy not only for visually impaired children.

  • Squishy and soft, this toy is safe from birth up.
  • It has a fuzzy tactile surface that feels great to the touch.
  • Simple designs promote imaginative play and encourage kids to grasp, push, and move!
  • Made from natural rubber foam, this toy uses sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Ages: 2+ (Safe for use)

Dimensions: Each tile 3.5" X 1.5" X 1", Box Dimensions: 10" X 14.5" X 1"

Contents: 26 tiles.