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Rubbabu Announces Constructive Playthings as Exclusive Distribution Partner Across North America


WILMINGTON, Del., June 1, 2021, Rubbabu Inc.. ("Rubbabu,” or the “Company”) , a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly sensory toys for babies, children and special needs, announces that U.S. Toy Co. Inc. / Constructive Playthings (“U.S. TOY")  will be the official exclusive distributor for Rubbubu products across North America, till July 2023.

“U.S. Toy stands behind similar values and concepts around the importance of early education,” said Rahul Butalia, Founder of Rubbabu. “Partnering with U.S. Toy will not only strengthen our position and increase our distribution, it is yet another example of the investment we are making into education for our children worldwide.”

“We are delighted that we now have a business partnership with Rubbabu. Not only is the product well recognized and valued by educators and parents in the classroom and home setting, the brand aligns well with our vision of incorporating more eco-friendly and sustainable educational toy options into both the U.S. Toy and Constructive Playthings product lines,” said Seth Freiden, CEO of U.S. Toy / Constructive Playthings.

Rubbabu toys are made from carefully sourced ingredients at a family-owned factory in India, following fair trade and eco-friendly practices and ICTI-certified as an ethical manufacturer. It supports skilled artisans and migrant laborers who have left their villages in search of a livelihood. Each Rubbabu toy is unique, and individually made with care and love.


About Rubbabu

Rubbabu Inc.. ("Rubbabu,” or the “Company”)  is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly sensory toys for babies, children and special needs. Soft, safe and fun, these toys are designed for many years of play and learning. Winner of over 50 accolades for its play value, product safety, eco-friendly materials and socially responsible practices, Rubbubu sets a standard for educational toys worldwide. To learn more about its various products and practices, please visit www.rubbubu.com


About U.S. Toy and Constructive Playthings

U.S. Toy has been inspiring FUN since 1953. Our mission is to provide affordable and safe products that help you learn, create, play and celebrate with the ones you love. For the last three generations we've aspired to turn our passion for family into a store where you can explore your creativity, imagination and create lasting memories. Visit us online at www.ustoy.com or in our retail store located in Overland Park, Kansas. Be sure to find us on Facebook and Instagram (@USToyCompany).

Part of the US Toy Company family of brands, Constructive Playthings is committed to fostering early education. We are proudly recognized for our quality products and excellent customer service by teachers across the country. For more than 60 years, we have provided educational products and toys that inspire learning, creativity, and fun for children. Learn more at www.constructiveplaythings.com, and follow us on Facebook (@ConstructivePlaythingsCompany) and Instagram (@ConstructivePlaythingsCo).


Jeannene Shaw

Director of Marketing


Source: Rubbabu, Inc.