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Our Story

Our Story

Rahul enjoyed setting up new companies and factories for other people. In 2005, when the toy factory he had set up was shut down by the owners, Rahul was at a cross-roads. He loved making toys, he loved the toy industry, and he wanted to create his own toy brand but he didn't have the resources. Investors and bankers in India at that time did not understand the toy industry and weren't interested in a tiny manufacturer that was building a brand. However Rahul's staff loved working for him and entreated and encouraged him to start his own company. Then came the proverbial leap of faith, as he and his wife Meera Butalia decided to become entrepreneurs and created Iseo, the company that to this day manufactures Rubbabu toys.

With three kids of their own, Rahul and Meera knew that simple and safe toys were all kids needed. They designed a range of balls, cars, animals and blocks that would be made out of natural rubber foam. The soft squishy material would keep kids safe, and the velvety surface made the toy tactile. Moreover they would be using a natural and biodegradable material, which was important to them. They set up a factory called Iseo where they started making simple classic toys designed for creative and imaginative play.

Our factory Iseo, where the magic happens

The Rubbabu factory is located in Gurgaon, India, a suburb to New Delhi. We have more than 100 full time employees at Iseo, from where Rubbabu toys are designed, manufactured, and sold to distributors worldwide. All our employees have health insurance and EPF accounts (similar to a 501k) to which Iseo matches their contribution, cent for cent or rupee for rupee! We are the only toy factory in India with an ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) Certification for Ethical Manufacturing. Since it's inception, Rahul has always made every employee feel like an owner of the company, creating a unique culture of empowerment and responsibility. Meera and Rahul are always looking after our employees and their families, helping with doctors and illnesses, and all the other challenges that life brings. Together the Iseo team fights the challenges of a third world country and in spite of it all, we are proud to make the highest quality and safest toys in the world.

Rubbabu LLC

Today, Rubbabu has distributors in many countries. In the United States, we are fortunate to have U.S. TOY Co., Inc / Constructive Playthings as the official exclusive North American distributor strengthening our position and increase our distribution.