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India Emergency Assistance Program

An Appeal to Our Friends Worldwide

India is suffering the worst of the COVID pandemic. All economic sections are suffering, but the economically disadvantaged are bearing the brunt because with hospitals overwhelmed, their only hope is to have an oxygen supply at home from either oxygen concentrators or oxygen cylinders, which are impossible to find at this point. People are dying while relatives drive from hospital to hospital looking for a bed. However those without even the resources to drive and call hospitals and pay for medicines have absolutely no hope. However a steady oxygen supply can help many people to recover at home, or last long enough till a hospital bed becomes available. 

We at Rubbabu Inc want to help by arranging for oxygen concentrators and providing them at a nominal cost for the 10 day period that a person is sick or for 3-4 days until they can get a hospital bed. We will be sourcing medical grade machines and using them to benefit as many people as possible. 

It is a drop in the ocean but if we can save a hundred lives or even ten lives, we want to do that. 

Please help us do this by donating any amount that you are comfortable with, every little bit helps. 

Our management in India (Rahul Butalia) will handle this and maintain complete records that we will be happy to share with you.